Welcome To R&T IMG Village where we recognize the potential of the International Medical Graduates and the International Medical Student.
R&T IMG Village is a premier access company for international Medical Graduates and International Medical Students to successfully complete a Clinical Rotation in Chicago and receive a Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

We’re often ask what sets R&T IMG Village far above other companies. The answer is simple, R&T IMG Village was founded over 10 years ago and we are founded by healthcare workers. This is a company not run by business people but run by doctors and nurses. That is the difference.

We understand the healthcare system and how it works, we care about our clients and want them to experience the way the US healthcare system honestly work.

Please hop over to the IMG Village and learn more about our premium subscription service where you will have access to case presentations, test taking, and lectures by one of our esteemed doctors.

The choice is yours, the time is now.