Toya Banks

Toya has worked in the healthcare field for the 27 years. For the past 12 years she has been instrumental with helping IMG’s from all over the world prepare for USLME,State Boards, and Clinical Rotations .Toya’s track record speak for itself due to the fact that a great deal of her IMG’s have matched though-out the USA and she is often invited to India to attend Weddings of past clients.

Toya has always said that she fight’s so hard to help IMG’s because she knows first hand the need and the shortage of Doctor’s in America for primary care. With her gentle demeanor and her love for medicine she have kept in touch with hundreds if not thousands of her past clients.
(I’m often told that I act as if each client is my child my response is always the same I have only one child and if she was in a foreign country with no family and know not one person I pray she would meet someone like myself that cares not only about leaning the human body but also nurturing the human sprit with kindness and generosity so that no one is left behind or feels alone)

So please join our Village. Here all are welcomed there’s a saying we say in America that it takes a village to help raise a child in the way they should go let us help you accomplish your American dream of being a Board Certified USA Doctor.

Welcome to the Village I’m so pleased to have you.